We are not associated with other groups that include Forward in their name, including:

  • The defunct LA FWD radio group
  • Councilmember Mike Bonin's ballot committee - www.LosAngelesForward.com (yes this is very confusing, we apologize)
  • California Forward
  • Santa Monica Forward
  • Venice Forward
  • Westwood Forward
  • Miracle Mile Forward
  • Silver Lake Forward
  • Inglewood Forward
  • Long Beach Forward
  • DTLA Forward
  • USC Forward
  • Food Forward
  • East Bay Forward
  • Palo Alto Forward
  • Bay Area Forward
  • Face Forward
  • FWD.US
  • Forward Healthcare
  • The Forward Newspaper (formerly the Jewish Daily Forward)


We came up with the name "LA Forward" a while ago and just really liked it.

In case you were wondering.