The LA 101 Guide

We're working on a new kind of guide — one that builds upon the comprehensive, accessible LA Forward voter guides that 100,000 Angelenos rely upon every election. We're calling it the LA 101 Guide and it's designed to help you understand how local government really works and how you can make a difference.

Why? LA County, with more than 10 million residents, has a larger population than all but 8 states. And it's governed entirely by five County Supervisors and a popularly elected Sheriff and District Attorney. There are 88 (!) cities in the County which have exclusive control over housing and development within their boundaries.

LA 101 will help you cut through the confusion and get the answers all your questions, even the ones you didn’t know you had. It’ll cover key elected and appointed officials, the main levers of powers, how everyday Angelenos can make an impact, and more.

We're inspired by the Indivisible Guide which empowered millions of people across the United States to hold their members of congress accountable. We're going to do the same thing for Los Angeles.

Your help is critical to making it happen. In months ahead, we need your help with research, design, translation, outreach, publicity, and funding. Will you be part of the team that makes the LA 101 guide happen? Let us know on the form!

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Even before the guide is done, we’re offering in-person interactive presentations by our Executive Director, Dr. David Levitus.

Whether you’re an Indivisible group, an informal group of activists, a community association or just a bunch of friends, David will take all your questions and provide an overview of the official responsibilities of our local governments and the power politics at work behind the scenes. Fill out this form to indicate your interest.

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